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VIDNAMI Review (Formerly Content Samurai) My Secret Weapon To Generating Affiliate Commissions

Before I get into my Vidnami Review and my Vidnami Bonus package, I want to give you some context on why I’m even reviewing this software in the first place.

That’s said, I’m very respectful of your time. So if you are just interested in knowing how the software works and the bonus I’m offering then just click here to scroll to that section.

Okay, so let’s get back to the full story.

In some of my recent posts, I spoke about how I am generating affiliate commissions by uploading videos on Youtube and ranking them to get tons of views and sales of the products I am promoting.

Here’s A Perfect Example:

Below is a screenshot of one of my affiliate dashboards that shows some of my earnings from ONE video on one of my channels. As you can see from the “subID3” all of the commission is generated from just one specific video on the channel.

And you can tell that because I normally use a different sub ID to identify which videos are generating the most commissions so that I can replicate what’s working.

Youtube Conversions

So With The Proof Out Of The Way, Let’s Move On…

If you have been to my blog before, you’ll realize that I write a lot of content about ranking Youtube Videos and making affiliate commissions.

This is because that’s my specialty.

But the thing is, a number of persons have reached out to me and ask how I create those videos to rank on Youtube and Google and how I convert my viewers into leads and sales.

That is a fair question because if you don’t know how to create videos that will speak to your targeted audience and convert them to a sale then you’ll make no money from this method.

So In this post, I want to draw back the curtains for a bit and share the little secret weapon that has allowed me to create these high-converting videos in minutes.

And when I say minutes, I am not exaggerating.

In fact, later on, I am going o show you from start to finish exactly how I create amazing videos and how you can too.

Without beating around the bush, the tool/software that I use to create my videos is a cloud-based software that goes by the name Vidnami.

It’s not really a new software so to speak. It has been around for a number of years but has recently been rebranded from content samurai to Vidnami.

I have been using this software for many years now and to be up-front with you, I absolutely love it.

I have generated a lot of commissions in a lot of different niches with the videos that I’ve created using Vidnami.

This is very important because, in some of the niches that I am in, I use a pseudo-name and have NEVER shown my face on camera.

As a matter of fact, for some of the niches I’m in, I don’t even use my own voice. Yet still, I can use Vidnami to create amazing eye-catching videos that deliver value to my audience and then convert them to leads and sales.

Sometimes I just direct-link to products that I am promoting and that also works very well too.

This means that if you are looking to make money on youtube without showing your face on camera, you need to pay attention to this Vidnami Review to see exactly how this software works, the pros, and cons, and if it is exactly what you need to step up your video marketing game.

… Because make no qualms about it, videos are taking over the world. So you can either adapt or get left behind.

If you have a business, you ABSOLUTLEY need to start using videos to drive targeted traffic to your blog, websites, offers, or whatever you are selling or promoting.

With that said, let’s get into the Vidnami Review.

Vidnami Video Review And Tutorial

Click ‘Play‘ Below To Get A Full Run Through Of The Software And How I Use It To Create High-Converting Videos.

Note: If you prefer to read, you can scroll past the video and continue reading below!

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Didn’t Watch The Video? Continue Reading Below:

Vidnami Review (Formerly Content Samurai)

Vidnami Review

What Exactly Is Vidnami (Content Samurai)?

In short, Vidnami is an online web-based video creation tool that will allow you to create professional-looking videos in minutes without you having any technical expertise.

And by being a web-based tool, there’s nothing for you to download on your computer.

The only downside is that Vidnami only works on the Chrome Browser.

But once you sign up, you’ll be able to log into your dashboard and create videos from anywhere you have a computer and internet connection.  

Now I understand that statement may be a bit ‘hypey’ but continue reading my review below and you’ll see why this is one of my favorite video creation software.

In fact, because I love the tool so much as you’ll soon find out, I am also offering an amazing Vidnami Bonus package to anyone that signs up through my link.

But I’ll get to that later!

First things first..

Let me just put this out there that Vidnami is a paid tool. I’ll get to the pricing details in a minute but a thing to note is that they also offer a free trial where you can test everything without the need for a credit card.

That means if after you’ve gone through this Vidnami Review and you are on the edge wondering if you should give the tool a try, you can do so risk-free for 14 full days. Again, no credit card required and you get to create as many videos as you can during that period.

UPDATE: August 2020 – While you can still create videos with the trial version of Vidnami, the videos will now be generated with a watermark until you upgrade to the paid version. The creators had to do this because there were some unscrupulous people that were ‘trial hoping’ without ever paying for the software.

Can’t say I blame them for making this decision.

With that being said, if you are already familiar with how Vidnami works and you are ready to sign up, click the link below to visit the official website through my affiliate link.

By the way, don’t forget that if you sign up through my link, you can send me an email at bonus[@] to get access to my amazing Vidnami bonus package.

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The Amazing Features Of Vidnami [Content Samurai]

Vidnami Dashboard

  1. You Can Create Several Different Kinds OF Videos

One thing I love about Vidnami is that it is not a one size fits all video tool. As you may know, when it comes to marketing online, having a presence on all the major social platforms is one of the keys to growing your brand. And as I mentioned earlier, videos are taking over the online space.

But with that being said, there’s a tiny problem when it comes to video marketing on the major platforms. That is, most of these platforms use different video dimensions.

Not only that but after much testing, it has been proven that different types of videos work differently on different platforms. For example, a video that does well on Facebook may not necessarily do well on Instagram or even on Youtube.

The good news, however, is that the creators of Vidnami took this fact into consideration and they are constantly updating the tool to ensure that you can create all different types of videos that work well on all the major social platforms.

Note: Look at the image above and you’ll see the different types of videos that you can create.

2. The Vidnami Software Is 100% Beginner Friendly

Let me just say this, I am a major non-techy person. And when it comes to video editing, I am a complete noob.

So if you have been scared to get into video marketing because you don’t know how to use complicated video software to make your videos look polished and professional, then you have nothing to worry about.

With this software, all you have to do is to make a few simple mouse clicks and your video can be done in just a few minutes depending on how long your video script is.

In fact, if you are in disbelief, just hold tight. In a few minutes, I am going to show you how you can create a video from start to finish.

3. You Get Access To Thousands Of Royalty Free Video Clips And Images

Let’s be honest, simple PowerPoint videos are dead and boring.

While they can be informative and summarize the content that you are trying to bring across to your audience, they often do not have the ability to grab your viewers’ attention for a long period of time.

Not so with videos produced in Vidnami.

When you sign up, you automatically get access to over 790,000 Royalty-Free video clips, and 112,000,000 high-quality images to choose from.

Just WOW!

That’s a LOT of media to add to your videos to enhance and spice them up.

Now you no longer have to worry that your videos will be dead and boring PowerPoint slide presentations because you’ll have thousands of video clips and images to add to them.

4. You Also Get Access To Thousands Of Royalty Free Music Tracks

I get it, some persons don’t like to be on camera nor record their own voice to produce videos.

But did you know that you don’t have to do either to produce high-quality videos?

Yes, it’s true!

Once you have a good script, you can opt to use only background music and still produce high-quality videos that your audience will love.

In fact, big brands such as Buzzfeed and Tasty have mastered this technique and have videos with only background music that gets millions of views.

And get this…

All of that is possible in vidnami /content samurai.

5. You Can Upload Your Own Media Content

Let’s say you shot a video with your phone or camera and you want to include it as B-roll footage – well you can do that as well!

You can add the video as a background to your presentation or as a stand-alone video and you can do the same with your own images.

So if you don’t like the videos, audios, and images options that you get from inside Vidnami, then you have the option to upload your own media content.

This is especially good if you are building a brand and want to add a custom intro/outro to your videos and even add a watermark throughout.

6. Built-In Auto Voice Text To Speach Program (My Least Favorite Feature)

To be honest with you, this feature is my least favorite and as a result I never really use it. But based on the Vidnami reviews I see in the Facebook Group, there are some people who love it.

I don’t really like the auto-voice because they tend to sound a little robotic for my preference but I wanted to let you know about this feature nonetheless.

What this is – when you upload your video script and produce your videos, you have the option to let vidnami generate a voice over with the built-in text to speech software.

By the way, you also have the option to choose whether you want a male or female auto voice and whether you prefer an American accent, an English accent, or an Australian accent. (see image below:)

Vidnami Auto Voice


7. Vidnami Automatically Add Slide Transitions, Motions To Images, Bolding Keywords, Animate Text, And Image Layouts

Let’s be honest, just watching a video with a slide presentation is boring. In fact, even when your presentation has a few video footage and images, they can be a bit boring a lose your viewers’ attention quite easily if you don’t have some form of a motion to spice them up.

You have to understand that humans have a very short attention span. Just recently is was announce that humans are now competing with the goldfish for who has a shorter attention span.

Can you believe that?

Anyhow, the creators of Vidnami aka content samurai understood this fact and so the software has the ability to automatically add slide transitions, motions to images, bolding keywords so they stand out and they also have different layouts for your text and images.

How To Use Vidnami To Create Your Videos From Scratch

So far we’ve talked a lot about vidnami. Now it’s time to actually put the tool to the test so that you can see exactly how to create your high converting videos starting from scratch.

I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step below of how I personally create the videos that I use to promote affiliate products.

Step #1 – Click Create Video

Once you log into your dashboard, you’ll see a big green button top right that says “create video.”

Click that button to get started. (see image below:)

Create Video

Step #2 – Choose What Type Of Video You Are Creating.

Once you click on “create video”, Vidnami will ask you what type of video you want to create.

Choose Type Of Video

The beauty of this step is that you can create different types of videos for various platforms to maximize your video marketing results.

The reality is that some video dimensions just work better on some platforms than others. For example, the type of video that works well on Instagram is different from the type that works best on Youtube.

But instead of trying to learn how to edit videos and all those techy stuff, all you have to do inside content samurai / vidnami is to choose the template that best fits with where you want to upload your videos.

For example, if you are going to post a video on Instagram, then you could try the “influencer template” or if you are uploading to Youtube, you can choose the “course/training video template.”

That said, here are all the templates currently inside of Vidname at the time of writing this Vidnami Review:

Content Video – You can just post your blog post and boom you automatically have another piece of content you can share to bring more eyeballs to your content.

Influencer Video – You can do a “selfie Video” and upload your video to Vidnami and the software will automatically transcribe your video and add annotations.

Instant Ad – This is the template for you if you are planning to run paid advertising. For example on YouTube, Instagram or even Facebook.

Sales Video – This one is self-explanatory. If you want to create a video to sell your products or services, this is the template for you.

Course/Training Video – This template is useful for tutorial-style videos or to just create simple lessons in your online course.

Property Videos – Now these templates are a bit fancy and already have all the bells and whistles needed if you are trying to promote real estate stuff.

And Finally, Custom Template – Don’t fancy any of the previous templates listed? Well, you have the ability to customize the templates to your own personal liking or brand by choosing your preferred font and colors.

Step #3 – Write Or Paste Your Video Script.

Video Script

The third step of the video creation process with Vidnami (content samurai) is to name your video and write or paste your video script into the text box.

Step #4 – Create Scenes From Your Script.

Now that you have your written video script, it is time to let Vidnami do its magic and create some amazing slides/scenes from your video script.

So here’s what you should do:

At the bottom of the text box where you typed/pasted, your video script is a link that says “Advanced Options.”

Click on that link and a popup box will appear with a few options as to what exactly you’d like Vidnami to do for your video.

I normally select all of the checkboxes and if I need to make any edits to my video, I will do that later. See the image below:

Advanced Options

Once you make your selection, click Save.

Now at the bottom right-hand corner is a green button that says “Create Scenes.” Click that button and let Vidnami do it’s magic!

Create Scenes

Step #5 – Edit Your Scenes Manually.

After content samurai/ vidnami has created your slides, you’ll want to go through each slide to manually edit them to your personal preference.

Although the software is very good at what it does, it is still not perfect and you need to add that human element to enhance your videos.

For example, the image below is what the software produces for the sentence: “Did you know that the keto diet is the #1 fastest growing diet in America?”

Content Samurai Slide

However, for my personal preference, I would much rather a video that depicts a more popular food item on the keto diet.

So I went ahead and searched for “keto” in the search box and choose another video to replace the one that content samurai/vidnami produced initially.

Vidnami Search

After I’ve changed the video, here’s what my first slide looks like:

Vidnami Slide

So you’ll need to go through each slide and edit them to your personal preference.

You can change the layout, the video/image, the transitions, and the position of the text, and so on and so forth. Just play around with the options until you are pleased.

Note: don’t take too long with this step because you can easily get carried away and waste a ton of time here.

Just do your best and get the video done. The more you use the software, the easier it will be to find what type of videos works best and get the best R.O.I in your marketing efforts.

Step #6 – Time For Audio

In this step, you have a few options to choose from.

  • You can do a no voice track and music only video
  • You can use vidnami built-in auto-voice feature
  • You can record your own voice directly inside the software
  • Or you can upload a pre-recorded voice-over.

Add Audio To Your Video

Of all the options available, my favorite is to upload a voice track. Even if I am using my own voice, I rather use a recording software like Audacity to pre-record the audio before I upload it.

The reason for this is because I have more editing capabilities that way as there’s no way to edit your audio directing inside of Vidnami. And sadly, there will always be some amount of background noise that needs to be removed from the audio.

So for me, it’s best to do my audio tracks outside of Vidnami and then upload it to the software and let the software sync it to my script.

If you prefer though, you can use any of the other options that you like. Just know that the auto-voice options may sound a little robotic but you can manipulate the speed of the playback to make them sound as human-like as possible.

Step #7 – Preview Your Video And Make Final Edits

After you have chosen your audio preference, the next step is to preview your video and make any final edits before you generate your video.

For example, if your audio is not synced properly with the script, you can manually adjust the timing or if you need to change a slide, you can go back to the scenes and make the necessary edits.

Edit Preview

Once you are okay with your handy work, you can click on “Looks Good, Continue…” to go to the next step.

Step #8 – Generate Your Video

Click on the green button that says: “Generate Your Video:

Generate Your Video

Once you do that, you’ll see some progress bars showing what the Vidnami / Content Samurai software is currently doing.


Once the progress reaches 100%, you now be able to download your video to your computer.

Download Your Video

Yay You are DONE!

Tap yourself on the shoulder, you have just created your first high-quality and high converting video in Vidnami / Content Samurai.

How easy was that?

I absolutely love this software. And I’m pretty sure you can see that from this in-depth Vidnami Review!

Okay, so we’ve covered quite a bit about this software so far. But to set your mind at ease, let’s have a brief overview of the pros and cons and then you can decide if Vidnami or Content Samurai is right for you.

Preview A Sample Video Created With Vidnami

The video below is a sample video I did to show you an example of the type of videos you can create using the software.

Sample Video

Click Here To See The Video.

The Pros And Cons Of Vidnami (Formerly Content Samurai)

We all know that there’s no perfect product. No matter how good a product is, there’s always something that can improve.

Vidnami is no different. Here’s a look at the pros and cons.

The Pros To Using This Software
  • 100% Beginner Friendly Interface
  • 1000’s Of B-Roll Video Footage To Enhance Your Videos.
  • 1000’s Of Royalty-Free Images To Add To Your Videos.
  • 1000’s Of Royalty Free Music To Add To Your Videos
  • Can automatically create transitions to enhance your videos
  • You have LOTS of video templates to choose from!
  • Very Easy To use – Create Videos In a Few Clicks.
  • It’s A Web-based software so you can use it from anywhere.
  • Vidnami automatically stores all your videos in the cloud.
The Cons To Using This Software
  • It’s a monthly subscription service – though you can generate two affiliate sales to cover the cost!
  • Limited features as it related to editing your texts in your videos.
  • Once you upload your audio, there’s no way to edit it in vidnami.
  • The software doesn’t always choose the best images/videos for your script – though you can easily edit your slides in a few seconds.

How Much Does Content Samurai / Vidnami Cost?

Okay, so this is very important. As I mentioned at the start of this Vidnami Review, this is a paid tool.

But more than that, it is a monthly subscription service. This simply means that you’ll have to make a monthly payment to have continuous access to the tool.

Vidnami Pricing

Vidnami /Content Samurai Pricing

So the tool is $47/Month or $397/Year.

However, the yearly option will save you 30% right off the bat so if you can afford that option, that’s a great way to save $167/year.

And from time to time Content Samurai/Vidnami runs promotions that discount the tool for up to 40% off.

Click Here To Check For The Latest Promotions.

I know that a monthly payment can piss a lot of people off but here’s why there’s a monthly fee:

The software is cloud-based and there’s nothing to download to your computer.

This is good news because you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or updating software to ensure it continues to work. All of the technical stuff is taken care of by the product creators.

All you have to do is to log in to your dashboard from anywhere and start using Vidnami to create your videos or access videos you’ve already created.

That said, all of the hosting and storing videos for thousands of customers cost quite a bit of change. So the monthly fee helps to cover that expense. And of course, this is a business so the creators deserve a little change in their pockets as well for providing such an amazing service.

But if you are a tad bit worried that you have to be paying a monthly fee, then use the tips below to make back your monthly investment and some profit in the process too!

How To Make Money With Vidnami /Content Samurai

At this point you may be asking yourself – Do I really need to sign up for Vidnami?

And my answer is a resounding yes. But of course, I am a bit biased because I love the software very much. But let’s take me out of the equation for a minute. Did you know that you can use vidnami to make money online?

Yes, it’s true and you have quite a number of options too.

Here are a few ways to make money online with Vidnami:

  1. You can create videos to promote affiliate products on Youtube – See this post for a step-by-step guide!
  2. You can create videos to sell your own products/services – ebooks, online courses, etc.
  3. You can use Vidnami to create videos to drive traffic to your blog or sales funnel.
  4. You can just focus on videos for Youtube and sign up for the Youtube partner program.
  5. You can sell videos as a freelancer on places such as Fiver or Upwork.
  6. And quite a few more options as outlined in this post.

My Vidnami Bonus

I wouldn’t be much of a marketer if I didn’t offer an amazing Vidnami Bonus now, would I?

Well, I need to practice what I preach.

So with that being said, If you are ready to give Vidnami a test run, I want you to sign up through my affiliate link. That means I will be award a small commission.

And for that reason, I want to offer you the following Bonus:

Vidnami Bonus #1 My Proven High Converting Script For Promoting Affiliate Products

Look, everyone can create videos but the problem is that most people cannot convert those videos into sales.

Selling is an art and in order to get your viewers to take action, there are some things that you MUST say in your videos. You MUST edify your viewers, provide value and you MUST have call-to-actions that inspire them to take action.

I will give you my proven template that has been working for me like gangbusters.

All you’ll have to do is to make a few modifications and tweaks to fit whatever product you are promoting.

Vidnami Bonus #2 – Thousands Of PLR Content To Create Videos From

One thing that holds back a lot of people from getting started is that they don’t have any content to work with. The idea of writing a video script or outsourcing articles can somethings be intimidating.

But what if you had thousands of high-quality articles that you could just tweak a little bit and paste directly into Vidnami to create videos from?

That would be amazing wouldn’t it?

Well, that’s why I want to offer you a full pack of high-quality PLR content that you can use to generate tons of videos when you sign up for Vidnami through my affiliate link.

By the way, PLR stands for private label rights, which means you can use these articles/content materials as your own!

Vidnami Bonus #3 – The Exact Sources/Gigs I use to Rank My Videos

Here’s the thing, just simply uploading a video does not guarantee success no matter how good the video is. The reality is, if no one sees your video then there’ll be no one taking action and as a result, you’ll make no money.

This means you need to rank your videos on Youtube and Google to get qualified eyeballs on your videos. These are people that will be interested in your video content and will be more likely to buy the products that you recommend.

The problem, however, is that it can become very tedious to do all of the work to rank multiple videos at a time. This is why I want to give you a list of the same trusted sources that I use to rank my videos.

These are services that I have shortlisted over the years that have been proven to deliver quality work without jeopardizing your channel.

How To Claim Your Vidnami Bonuses

Step #1 – Sign Up Vidnami /Content Samurai Through My Link

Click Here To Try Vidnami Free For 14 Days

Step #2 – Proof Of Purchase

Once you sign up through my link, forward a copy of your purchase receipt to bonus[@] (remove square brackets) as proof of your purchase.

NOTE: Bonuses will be sent out after the free 14-days trial has expired and you are billed. Or you can claim your bonuses immediately if you upgrade to the paid version right away.

Final Verdict

So we have come to the end of this Vidnami Review. 

While I do love the software because I personally use it to create a ton of videos myself, I have also written this review in such a way to help you make an educated decision if this tool is right for you.

Obviously, if you are going to purchase the tool and not use it, then it wouldn’t make sense. However, if you are planning on stepping up your video marketing game then Vidnami is definitely a tool you want to have.

And don’t forget, you have a full 14-Days to try the tool 100% FREE without any credit cards. And if you do like using Vidnami, and decide to sign up for the monthly access, remember to use my link so that you can claim my amazing bonus!

So that’s it. I think I have covered everything there is to know about Content Samurai/Vidnami but if I have missed anything and you need clarification, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Content Samurai/Vidnami Free Trial

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