The KIBO Code Review

The KIBO Code Review And Bonus: Don’t Buy UNTIL You See My CRAZY Bonus!

Over my 10+ years of being an online ‘internet marketer‘, I’ve seen quite a lot of other internet marketers come and go.

I’ve seen guys pop up and claim to be making millions only to launch a product and then months later disappear from the face of the internet. That only leaves their customers asking questions never to get the answers they desire.

  • No customer support,
  • no product support
  • and just a bad taste in these customer’s mouths!

Movie Roll

Now, why did I start off this post like that on a negative note if you will?

Well, its because I wanted to follow a typical movie script.

You know, the bad guys came and cause destruction and then the good guys came and save the world. Don’t laugh at me, at least I tried to put a smile on your face 🙂

Anyhow, to get back on track, I want to bring your attention to a different side of the story.

You see, while there are some so-called internet marketers that give the industry a bad name, there are some guys with integrity who’s passion is to help others succeed in the dog-eat-dog world of internet marketing.

So I want to introduce you to two guys that have stood the test of time and year after year they just keep releasing better and better products in the marketplace.

These are products that have a proven track record of changing thousands of peoples’ lives all over the world in a positive way. Of course, to keep it real, not everyone will have the same level of success but that another story for another time.

That said, These Two guys go by the name Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton

I’ll talk about who they are in a minute but right now as you may or may not know, they are back again, launching a brand new Ecom training course known as The KIBO Code.

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The KIBO Code Review – What Exactly Is It?

The KIBO Code

At first glance, this may seem like just another hyped product designed to siphon your hard-earned cash. In fact, without keeping you in the dark, I am going to straight-up say that this course is NOT for everyone because it is quite expensive.

The price tag is a whopping $3497 if you make a one-time payment or 4 payments of $997 if you choose the payment plan.

Imagine That!

There are very few training programs that sell for that much as the typical price point for high-level training is around $997-$1997. Any higher than that and you are looking at personalized one on one coaching.

This Can Only Leave One Wondering…

Is The KIBO Code Worth $3497 Or Is It Just Hype?

After all, the sales page boasts results of making up to $76K in a single day.

And that’s no small number by any means. In fact, there are persons who don’t even make that in 2-3 years, let alone a single day.

That said, any betting person would happily trade $3497 For the Aidan Booth KIBO Code in return for $76K. In fact, even if it took you the entire year to make that back, that would still be a 2100% return on your investment.

So now I’ve only opened a can of worms because right now there are a ton of questions to be answered. After all, forking out $3.5K for a training program is by no means a small baby investment.

SO you may be wondering:
  • Is the KIBO code worth your time?
  • Should You Sign Up For The Training Program?
  • What Does The Program Teach?
  • What Can The Average Person Expect?
  • What Bonuses AM I Offering For This Product?

These And Other Questions About The KIBO Code Will Be Answered Below:

Okay so let’s get started with the real deal.

Before I get into the review of the product, I think it is very important that I at least give you a brief introduction about the creators. That is, Steven and Aidan.

What Credentials Do They Have To Teach You?

This is very important because there are a lot of hurried-come-up marketers who make a few bucks by fluke and think that they are now experts. 99% of the time, they can never replicate their success let alone teach someone else how to be successful.

So it is important who you decide you want to learn from. After all, as the bible says if a blind man leads another blind man, they will both fall in a ditch. I am paraphrasing here.

Nevertheless, let’s talk about Steven Clayton one of the co-creators of the KIBO code.

Steven Clayton Of KIBO CodeSteven Clayton

I first heard about Steven several years ago when he was also co-creator of a product known as Page One Evolution. Back then I was heavily into SEO (search engine optimization) and so that product caught my attention.

I was dumbstruck with the amount of knowledge that Clayton shared and not only that, his ability to impart the knowledge in a way that others can grasp was phenomenal.

That said, because of his level of expertise and delivery, Steven Clayton’s popularity soared among the internet marketing community which not only has resulted in some of the biggest launches in the space but some of the most in-depth training as well.

Now he has partnered with Aidan Booth again to bring another in-depth training called the KIBO Code Review to show budding entrepreneurs how they can make a substantial living from online eCommerce.


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