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How To Make $100 Per Day Online From Affiliate Marketing (A Step-By-Step Blueprint)

What would an extra $100  per day do for you?

That is roughly $3,000 per month or $36,000 a year.

Not too shabby right?

Especially since you would be working from home and setting your own hours. Better yet, once your affiliate marketing system is up and running, you can practically put a few system in place and have it on autopilot.

So the question is: Why $100 Per day?

Well for starters, when I was just starting out online that was my personal goal. If I could make a CONSISTENT $100 per day then I would be able to pay my bills and survive.

By the way, did you know that more than half of the US population makes less than $100 per day?

According to Daily Caller, and My Budget 360, more than 51% of Americans make less than $30K a year and more than 90% of that number makes less than $20K a year.

At $30K a year that person would fall in a tax bracket of 20% (At the time of writing this blog post).

In reality, that person would take home only – $24,000 after taxes.

In 2015, CNN Money reported that the average worker spends nearly $2,600 a year on their daily commute to work. This breakdown to around $10 per day and maybe spent on fuel or public transportation.

Either way, $2.6K a year is a lot of money when you are only making $30K.

Which means, a person making $30K a year will only have $21.4K spendable cash to work with after taxes and transportation cost since most people commute to work.

$21.4K a year is roughly $59 per day!

This is shocking as I had no idea until I started doing a little research for this blog post. Which means, for the average person making $100 per day online from affiliate marketing can be life changing.

Now before you curse me out in the comments, I do understand that these numbers are pretty general as everyone has different expenses and what not. But the point is, making an EXTRA $100 from the internet is a great way to ‘supplement your current income’.

.. And if you currently don’t have an income source, then you already know how helpful it would be to have an affiliate marketing business bringing in consistent income.

Plus, once you know how to make $100 per day consistently, it just a matter of duplicating the system to explode your profits.

NOTE: I said ‘explode’ your profits rather than ‘doubling’ your profits because…

Making Money Online Is NOT A Linear Equation

Linear VS Exponential Growth

What do I mean?

Well, unlike your day job where you get a fixed salary and a fix rate of increase, your online income has massive potential for EXPONENTIAL growth in a short period of time.

For example, you could have your affiliate marketing system up and running and make $1K one month and $2K the next and then shot all the way up to $6K the third month.

Sounds great right?

Well that’s exactly what’s possible when you have a great system in place working 24/7 even while you are sleeping. Because unlike your day job, you can reinvest your profits in your online business to outsource more than 90% of tasks.

So instead of hustling all by yourself, now you have a team doing all the ground work while your profits soar.

But before you get ahead of yourself, you need to know where to start.

So let’s get right into the training:

How To Make $100 Per Day Online
From Affiliate Marketing
(A Step-By-Step Blueprint)

How To Make $100 Per Day Online


If you read my previous blog post then you’d know that I am a big fan of affiliate marketing. In fact, I’d say more than 80% of my online income comes from affiliate marketing.

Just to recap a little (if this is the first time you are reading my blog), here’s a brief intro to affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the selling/promoting of goods and/or services for a merchant to receive a share of the profits when a sale is generated.

Basically you will be the affiliate and you’ll receive a unique link that you can share with your audience/website visitors and when they go to the merchant/product owner’s website and make a purchase, you’ll make money.

I love affiliate marketing because it is one of the easiest ways to get started online and start earning passive income in a short period of time – when done right!

Let’s get into the actual steps of what you need to do to get started and have your business up and running in the shortest time possible.

For a successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign,
You’ll Need The Following:

  1. You’ll first need to find a hungry market – then break that down into a hungry niche.
  2. You’ll need to pin point a specific problem in that market that you can provide a solution for.
  3. You’ll need to offer something for free to that helps your audience solves that problem.
  4. You’ll need to create an effective sales funnel to deliver your freebie and grow your fan base.
  5. You’ll need To Create A Follow Up Sequence To Create Value and Builds Trust
  6. You’ll need to promote HIGH QUALITY products that will get your subscribers results ($$$)
  7. You’ll need to drive targeted traffic to your sales funnel.
  8. You’ll need to test several traffic source, split test landing pages etc (More Advanced..- Exponential Growth)


Step #1 – How To Find Your Hungry Market

Doing Market Research

Before we get to find a product to promote, it is very important that we decide up front whom we are going to be selling to.

This may sound contrary to what most other marketers teach. Most will tell you to find a product and then try to find customers for that product.

That use to work but what I am about to show you works ten times better.

So instead of finding a product and try to find customers, we’ll first find a “Hungry Market” and let them tell us which products they need.

This means you have to first perform Proper Market Research to identify a pocket of people that you can serve and help to achieve a certain result and get paid in the process.

Pay close attention to the last paragraph. Reread it and let it sink in.

“Your sole objective is ALWAYS to help and provide value to your audience and in so doing you’ll get paid.”

You also have to understand that the Internet is a HUGE marketplace and in order to be seen or heard, you have to be very specific in who you are targeting. If you try to target everyone, you’ll lose.

One of my favorite motivational speakers – Zig Ziglar would say: Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.

Here’s The Truth About Market Research…

Your Business FoundationDoing proper market research upfront is the foundation of your online business.

If you get this right, everything else will fall into place.

You don’t need to be a world-class copywriter either. If you know what your market responds to, all you have to do is give it to them in the simplest way and they’ll respond accordingly.

In fact, this will be the MOST important factor when you start to sell your own products and determining the prices you charge.

That’s a little more advance and beyond the scope of this guide but just know that when you do your market research efficiently, you’ll be able to position yourself as an authority and charge premium prices for your products.

A typical scenario:

A while back I was at a mall with my girlfriend. I believe she was looking for a pair of shoes for a friend’s wedding.

We decided we would check out a few stores first because she didn’t particularly have anything specific in mind. However, there was a nice pair of shoe we came across in the Aldo shoes store.

Get this: we saw the same exact shoe design in the Nordstrom store with the exception of one word on the shoe insole.

Wanna know the price for both pair of shoes?

Make a wild guess…

Well, I’ll just tell you.

The pair of shoe was $69 in Aldo.

However, the exact same pair of shoe in Nordstrom with the addition of a word on the insole that no one would even see when you are wearing it is a whopping $299.

What the heck?

How can Nordstrom charge $299 while Aldo only charge $69?

That’s more than 4 times the price of Aldo’s.

The simple answer is because they are NOT marketing to the same people as Aldo. They know their market and know that their customers will happily pay premium prices for their products.

This is why it is very important that you learn the essential skills to conduct proper market research so that you can decide forehand who you want to become your customers.

Russell Brunson refers to these persons as your ‘Dream Clients’ in his best selling book Dotcomsecrets.

How To Find Your Niche
Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start

How To Find Your Niche

In this post I am going to give you an overview of the process that you need to do to find your niche.

However, I highly recommend that you follow my step-by-step blueprint (Market Research Made Simple) where I show you in details all the steps you need to take to choose your hungry niche that you can be sure will be a success.

With that being said, here a synopsis of the Market Research Made Simple Guide.

Market Research Made Simple – Pages 9-13

If there is something that you are very passionate about then you could start there.

For example, if you are a great cook, love cooking and you are able to impart the knowledge then you could do some initial research to find out if there’s a hungry crowd in that market.

If however you are blank and need some ideas to start off, I am going to walk you through a simple process that I use that works like gangbusters for finding some potentially very profitable niches.

At this point in time Google is your best friend!

What we will do is to use Google to help us generate some niche ideas based on some common search phrase that people search for everyday; some of which other websites have already targeted.

Once we have generated a few ideas then we can perform some further omission process to get laser focused on a specific sector of the market.

But how will Google give us niche ideas?

It’s very simple actually.

Whenever you are typing something in Google it automatically generate some terms that it think you may be searching for. See the image below:

Finding Niches OnlineAs you can see in the image above, I typed ‘google is th’ and Google automatically generated 4 phrases that it thought I was searching for.

Google does this to speed up the time someone would take to research information. For example, if I was searching for ‘google is the best’ then all I would need to do is to click on the first suggestion that came up.

We are going to modify this process and use it to our advantage. Instead of just relying on Google’s suggestions, we are going to brainstorm some common ways that people start off questions when they are searching for solutions.

But instead of completing a full question we will use a starter question and place an asterisk at the end that will act as the unknown. Google will then return all the results for that potential unknown.

We will also place the starter questions in quotes to get results for websites that are specifically targeting our starter questions and a variety of unknowns.

Let’s get to an example.

A starter question could be: What is the best way to____________

Then we would modify this and insert the asterisk for the unknown and place the term in quotes to look like this: what is the best way to *

Now look at the results below for that starter question. (Note that sometimes you may have to scroll a few pages to get some ideas!)

Finding Niches With Google

And another question: “best treatment for *”

Finding Niches Online

As you can see, using the starter question ‘What is the best way to  and ‘best treatment for‘ returned a ton of results some of which could be potential markets.

If you look on the image above I have circled some of the topics that could be further investigated to find a potential hungry crowd. […Cont’d In The MRMS GuideGet the full Market Research Made Simple Steps Here.

After going through the market research training, you’ll have tons of potential niche markets that you could get into. However, as I mentioned before you need to get into a market that is PROVEN to spend money.

Go where the money is!

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

That takes us to our next step…

Does The Market Spend Money?

Does The Market Spend Money?

This is very important.

You don’t want to get into a market that doesn’t want to spend money to solve their problems. Yes you need to care about people and really want to help them but this is a business for you and you need customers – people who buy products.

It’s very easy to tell whether or not some markets spend money.

When you look at broad markets such ‘weight loss’, ‘the forex market’ and ‘make money online’, you know that there’s a lot of money being spent on products every single day.

However, when you niche down and get a little more specific within the market you’ll have to dig deep to get some stats to work with before you can make any conclusions as to whether or not you should pursue your potential niche.

How Do You Get This Information?

Here goes….

One of the easiest ways to find out if your market spends money is to look if other marketers are advertising products/services in your market.

The idea is that if they are spending money to advertise products then more than likely they are making a return on their investment.

To do this you can go to, and and search for some general keywords related to the market you choose.

For example, let’s say you entered the back pain niche, some related keywords could be:

  • Treatment For Back Pain
  • Back Pain Treatment
  • How To Treat Back Pain

Pay attentions to the sponsored ad section. If there are at least 3 ads then that’s an indication that there’s some amount of competition and that people are spending money on advertising.

See image below for what you should be looking for:

Sponsored Ads

There are some other steps that you need to perform to narrow down to a specific niche within the market and then validate it it’s worthwhile entering.

I have gone in a lot more details inside my Market Research Made Simple Training – Check it out because I am sure you are going to love it!

Choose A Market That You
Have The Most Affinity For!

After following the steps above, you are still likely to come up with several markets that you want to enter. All you need to do is to pick the one that you have the most affinity for and run with it.

If you have time on your hands then you can go with two markets at the same time. This will speed up your success because you’ll quickly be able to spot the winners and ditch the losers.

Step #2 – Finding A Specific Problem In Your
Niche That You Can Provide A Solution For

Making Money From Your Niche

How Are You Going To Make Money From Your Market?

This is the big question to be answered right?

After all, the objective of this post is to show you how you can start generating $100 per day from your affiliate marketing business.

So let’s get into it then.

After you have found your market, you want to develop a following and position yourself as an authority in that niche.

Once you do this, people will listen to what you have to say and they will normally turn to you whenever they need advice or information on stuff relating to that market.

You can choose to do this as yourself or you can use a pseudo name. It doesn’t really matter. There are a ton of writers and markers that does this. It’s completely ethical and doesn’t break any laws.

In fact, if you were going to be in several niches then I would recommend using a pseudo name.

I know that the word ‘Authority’ may sound a bit scary to you especially if you don’t know anything about the market. But please don’t worry too much about that, here’s what you are going to do.

When you were conducting your market research, you would have found out some of the problems and desires that people are having in your chosen market.

You are going choose ONE of the most popular topic/desires/problems and create a product that provides the solution.

This Product Could Be:

  • A short pdf report,
  • An audio,
  • A video presentation
  • A checklist
  • Or even something a simple as an infographic.

The important point to note is that this product MUST solve the problem that your prospects are having; that is, it must get them a desired end result.

It must take them from point A (where they are now) to point B (where they want to be).

From Point A - Point B

If you think that you are going to sell this report/product, you are WRONG!

You’ll be giving away this report/product for FREE!

Yes you read that right; you will give away this high quality product for free to all these persons who are hungry for a solution to whatever problem they are having.

Note that this report/product should be professionally done and packaged nicely as if you were going to sell it. This way, even though you are giving it away for free it will still have a higher perceived value.

It’s also a good idea for you to outsource this product creation especially if you have never written a book or done something like this before or if you don’t have the confidence to pull it off yourself.

This product MUST be of high quality so if you really can’t get it done yourself, let someone that is more capable than you to do it. Rest assured that this small investment will pay for itself many times over once you have the entire system in place.

This will be your first offer to your prospects so you want to make a great first impression. Remember, first impressions last!

A Simple Example:

Let’s say that you followed everything in my Market Research Guide and found that the Paleo niche is a very lucrative niche.

Let’s also assume that one of the problems you found was that persons are looking for quick and easy ‘breakfast recipes’ that are nutritious and tasty and easy to make in a short amount of time.

Then a simple free product could be:

FREE – 10 Delicious And Tasty Paleo Breakfast
Recipes That You Can Prepare In Under 15 Minutes

I didn’t do any research on that niche but I am sure you get the idea!

For this product, all you would have to do is research 10 easy breakfast recipes and provide the ingredients and the directions on how to prepare them.

Make sure you add some nice pictures of these recipes to give the book a nice presentation. Package it as a pdf with a nice ecover and you are done!

I know what you are saying now. If you give away this report, then you won’t make any money right?


Let’s go back to something I said earlier. i.e TRUST.

It is very important that your prospects get to LIKE and TRUST you before they buy from you!

Well when you give away this high quality product, that’s exactly what you will be doing.

Think about it for a second.

If you provide high quality content and information for free, don’t you think they will want to buy whatever you have to sell or recommend?


But First You Must EARN That TRUST


Show your prospects that you really do care about them and want to see them getting the end results that they desire.

So How Are You Going To Give Away  Your Product And Make Money?

Now that your new product is done, it’s time to give it away to your prospects and develop a following or a tribe.

In simple terms, you want to build up a list of LOYAL subscribers so that you can provide them with the information they need and make money from them in the process.

You are going achieve that by using what is referred to as Sales Funnel.

Step #3 – Creating An Effective Sales Funnel To
Deliver Your Free Product And Grow Your Fan Base.

This is basically the process by which you convert cold traffic into leads and then eventually customers. Take a look at the funnel image below:

Sales Funnel

Okay, let me slow down a bit and break this down some more in simple terms.

If you remember a couple paragraphs earlier, I told you that most people don’t buy when they first sees your website. As a result, you will have to follow up with your prospects to earn their trust and eventually close the sale.

The sales funnel allows you to capture your cold traffic and convert them to leads so that you can follow up with them. By the way, this is all automated with the use of an auto-responder. (I’ll get to that later!)

So at the top of the funnel, you’ll have targeted traffic coming to your sales funnel.

But before we get into traffic we need to have a high converting funnel first so I’ll get back to traffic later.

It is very important that you have a converting funnel first before you start your traffic campaigns because if your funnel doesn’t convert, you’ll just be wasting time or money driving traffic.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of newbies go wrong particularly because they have been fed the wrong information from the ‘guroos’. They start driving traffic to a website and when they don’t see any conversions, they start to whine and complain and some eventually quit.

Please don’t do that!

Let’s Start With The Middle Of
The Funnel – Collecting Leads

How To Get Leads

The first page your visitors land on will be your lead capture page also known as your ‘landing page’ or ‘squeeze page.’ All of these names maybe used interchangeably.

This is the page where you’ll be offering your newly created product to your visitors in return for their email addresses.

The only purpose your lead capture page serves is to collect your visitor’s info.

Nothing else.

At this point you are not trying to sell anything. So all you’ll do is make an offer with a promise to provide the solution to the problem they are having.

So your lead capture page will have an headline that makes a promise, a sub-headline and in some cases bullet points that summarizes what your visitors will be getting.

Here’s what a typical lead capture page looks like:

Sample Lead Capture Page

There are many other ways to construct your lead capture page. You could also have a video making the offer instead of text.

Nothing is set in stone.

In fact, as you become more verse you’ll realize that one page may work for one market/niche and completely flop for another.

When it comes to marketing online, you’ll have to become a TESTING MACHINE always trying different stuff against a constant to see what works best.

The great thing about the software that I am about to introduce you to, is that you have limitless options when creating your lead capture pages.

The software that I use and recommend for all my lead capture pages and funnels is ClickFunnels. I like clickfunnels because everything is drag and drop. So if you know how to use microsoft word then using clickfunnels will be a breeze.

In fact, ClickFunnels is designed to build out complete funnels from start to finish without you having to know a thing about coding. You don’t need to worry about setting up a website or blog or any of those technical stuff.

The lead capture page above is one I use to give away a free training for one of my YouTube marketing funnels. It was created in ClickFunnels.

The image below shows a screen capture of my ClickFunnels account of the conversion rate of that page:

Landing Page CR

As you can see, my lead capture page converts at 54%.

This means that for every 100 persons that land on that page, 54 of them will give me their info so that I can follow up with them and build an ongoing relationship.

This is a MAJOR increase from the typical 1-3% that would buy if I were trying to sell right away.

Now I have 54% of my visitors that I can provide value to and earn their trust and sell to over and over again.

Step #4 – Creating A Follow Up Sequence To
Create Value, Builds Trust And Close Sales

Most of your sales will be coming from the emails you send to your subscribers after they have started to like and trust you.

However, that initial 1-3% of your visitors that would have bought something if you were selling right out the gate may still do so if you make them an offer.

That is why after your prospects submit their info on your lead capture page, you should redirect them to a Bridged Upsell page.

The bridged Upsell page will be used to promote your chosen affiliate product.

It is basically “up-selling” your visitors on another product, which they will have to pay for. It is very important that you send your visitors to this page instead of redirecting them directly to the affiliate offer.

This is important for a few reasons:

  • Firstly, if you send your visitors directly to the merchant’s site like most affiliates do (when they do capture emails), your visitors will feel as if they were cheated since the affiliate site will be asking them to pay for something which is different from what you promised.
  • Secondly, before your visitors head over to the merchant’s website, you need to introduce yourself to your visitors and start the relationship building process and also let them know how to access the free product they just signed up for (normally sent to their email).
  • Thirdly, you need to presell the product you are promoting. Why should your visitors buy it? How will this product help them? Why are you recommending this specific product? It’s your job to warm up your visitors and educate them as much as possible so that when they land on the merchant’s website, they are ready to buy.

What Should You Promote On
Your Bridged Upsell Page?

There a ton of affiliate networks with THOUSANDS of products combined that you could potentially promote.

However, some of my favorite places to find high converting products to promote are,,, sharesale, commission junction and

Because this post is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible, I would recommend clickbank as the network of choice for you to work with. You can however, choose products from any of the above networks as they all have some great products that sell very well depending on the niche you are in.

Clickbank is a large network with thousands of digital products to promote and has products in almost EVERY niche you can think of.

One of the good things about using clickbank is that the commissions for the products tend to be higher than that of other affiliate networks. This is mostly due to the fact that there is no cost in getting the product delivered to a customer after he/she purchases.

Another good thing is that most of these products also have several upsells (higher priced products on the backend) and you also get commissions on the upsells too.

Commissions can go all the way up to 75% and once you earn the minimum payout Clickbank will send you a check every two weeks or you can opt for direct deposits if you have a bank account in the United States. There’s no need to spend weeks waiting to get your commissions.

So once you find your niche, scan through clickbank’s marketplace and see if you can find at least 5 products that will fit your audience..

Preselling Your Affiliate Product
On Your Bridged Upsell Page

Depending on the niche and your persona, I find that a video works best on your bridged upsell page.

It builds rapport and it also sets your visitors at ease knowing that there’s a real person behind your website. Again remember that….

people will buy from someone they Like and Trust.

Note however, that this video doesn’t have to be a head-shot of you. It can be a simple presentation video with a voice over. The good thing though is that you can outsource this voice over or even the entire video creation.

However, it is important that your voice over remains consistent.

So if you were doing several videos in this niche I would recommend using the same voice over artist to keep things consistent.

Otherwise, your audience may smell something fishy!!!

At the very least, if you are not going to use a video on your Bridged Upsell page, try to add a photo that represents you. It helps your audience to identify with you.

In essence, they will be buying from you and NOT a webpage per say.

At this stage, I would recommend that you either buy the products you have chosen to promote or reach out to the product owner and request a review copy.

I have gotten access to a lot of products this way.. even physical products without even paying a dime for shipping!

Merchants are always looking for serious affiliates so as long as you reach out and let them know your intentions, they’ll happily send you products so that you can review them and increase your sales.

This is important because you are going to review the product and say why your visitors should get it. I always recommend that you own the product that you are preselling.

Here’s What Your Typical Bridged
Upsell Page Will Look Like:

Affiliate Bridged Upsell Page

A simple page like this is created in ClickFunnels – Test it out for yourself for free for 14 days!

Note: your Bridged Upsell page will be a huge moneymaker for you.

It’s not uncommon to see at least 10% or more of your visitors take you up on your offer.

This will help to offset some of your traffic expenses if you are paying for traffic.

However, in this guide we will be focusing our efforts on free traffic so this will be 100% profit for you. So now it’s time to start nourishing the rest of your subscribers to pull maximum profits from them.

This is where you’ll make the bulk of your income – the Backend!

How To Effectively Communicate
With Your Subscribers

Earlier I mentioned that you would be following up with your subscribers via an Autoresponder. This is a service that stores your subscriber’s information and automatically sends out emails based on a predefined schedule that you set up.

Can you imagine if you were to be sending out emails manually to your subscribers? That would be a nightmare!

Your Autoresponder will take care of that for you. Once you sign up for your Autoresponder, you’ll set up your campaign and get a code to put on your landing pages.

So basically once a person enters his/her name on your website, your Autoresponder is triggered and that person will start to receive your emails. These emails will be written in such a way to offer quality content that builds trust and then close the sale of whatever product or service you are promoting.

There are several Autoresponder services on the market and I have tested quite a few of them. However, I’ve found that Active Campaign gives me the best results.

I once tested a message with Active Campaign alongside one of the other top Autoresonder service I was using at the time to see which would have the better open rate/delivery rate.

Unfortunately, no matter how I worded the email with or without links, Active Campaign ALWAYS goes to my inbox while the other service goes to SPAM.

This means that majority of my subscribers on the other service weren’t getting my emails. So I have since completely switched over to Active Campaign and I highly recommend them.

Building A Strong Relationship
With Your Subscribers

Despite what you may think, it’s really easy to build a good relationship with your subscribers and make a lot of money from them. What you need to understand is that your subscribers are real people just like you.

Your first email will lead the path to forming deep, lasting relationships with your subscribers. In this email you’ll be giving them some more information about yourself and what you can do for them as well as give them access to the product they signed up for.

The first email will set the stage on what they can expect to gain from you.

The fact that you are giving them an AMAZING product for free is a great start to building TRUST and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. (That’s why it is super important that your free report is of high quality)

The second step to strengthening that relationship and bonding with your subscribers has to do with the email follow-ups and occasional broadcasts emails that you will send them.

You have to send them quality content that will help them and only recommend products that are of great quality that you are sure will help them to achieve success or get amazing results in whatever niche you are in.

You have to remember that your ‘list’ is actually consisted of real human beings, who have emotions, needs and desires.

If you treat them well they will respond well and take up your recommendations.

On the other hand, if you treat them like crap by continuously shoving promos after promos down their throats then they will unsubscribe and go somewhere else to find a solution to their problems.

You feel me?

Here’s the thing – If you want to build a STRONG relationship with your list/prospects so that they Love you and Trust you and Buy from you, then Andre Chaperon is they guy you NEED to learn from.

The guy is a GENIUS.

To be frank with you, when I just got started in email marketing I sucked real bad. My open rates were horrible, and my response rate was even worse.

That’s until I started learning from Andre. Now I am no expert but I have come a long way. So I would recommend that you give Andre’s  Revolutionary Email Marketing Course – Autoresponder Madness a try.

Inside this course you’ll learn how to build long lasting relationships with your subscribers using the power of stories. (Who doesn’t like a nice story?)

Andre refers to these stories as “Soap Opera Sequence” which builds on each other and always ends with a cliffhanger so that your subscribers can’t wait to get and open your next email.

Brilliant I tell you.

His emails are like watching an episode of your favorite TV show. You just can’t wait to get the other one.

If you would like to become an expert at email marketing and get the most from your subscribers, Andre will do a whole lot better job than me to help you so I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Autoresponder Madness right away.

Frankly speaking, all you need to know about making money from your subscribers (converting your leads to sales) you’ll learn from the Autoresponder Madness course.

You’ll learn how to structure your emails, when to send your emails and much more. So I won’t expand anymore on this section because like I said before, Andre does a whole lot better job than I do in this area. That’s his specialty and I too have learned a lot from him.

So now we’ll go back to the top of our funnel where we will be driving targeted traffic.

Traffic, Traffic And More Traffic

How To Get Free Traffic

Let me be honest with you. Everything we have done so far will be useless if we don’t have targeted traffic.

It doesn’t matter if we have the highest converting funnel on the planet, if no ones sees it, we’ll make no money.

There are a million and one ways to drive traffic to your affiliate sales funnel.

However, starting out on your journey to $100 per day from affiliate marketing, I recommend the use of videos and specifically YouTube videos.

YouTube is the second largest search engine second to Google with millions of user online at any give time in all kinds of niches.

What I especially love about using YouTube for traffic is that your videos will serve to presell your funnel before your visitor gets there. So as long as you provide value in your videos, your traffic will be super targeted because they would already know the kind of value you have to offer.

You are literally going to dominate YouTube for your niche and drive a ton of targeted traffic to your sales funnel with some short and captivating videos.

I have videos that make me hundreds of dollars in affiliate commission.

The other thing I like about videos is that after they rank, you don’t really have much if any work to do on them. They’ll stay ranked and continue to generate traffic for months and even years.

I have videos that I have ranked several years ago in several different niches and they are still bringing traffic to this day.

In this guide I am going to give you a simple game plan to start your video marketing campaigns.

However, if you want a more detailed step-by-step approach to ranking videos both on YouTube and Google then I highly recommend that you get my more advanced Video Ranking System Training.

[To Be Continued……]

This post has already gone over 6000+ words lol.

… And my finger tips are burning. In fact, while I was at the gym last evening I smashed my pointer finger between two dumbbells so its even more tedious for me to be typing now.

So since traffic is a compete post by itself, I’ll save that part for the next post. So stay tuned.

However, if you can’t wait make sure you sign up for the complete pdf guide showing you all the steps in a greater detail than this post on how to make $100 per day online with affiliate marketing starting from scratch.

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7 Steps To Creating An Online Business From Scratch


Have you ever thought, if I could just figure out this “internet marketing thing” and start generating a decent income online, I could quit my boring job and give my family the quality of life that they truly deserves?

Have you ever wondered what are these gurus doing to make so much money from the Internet?

Have you every wondered how you could make just a fraction of what they were making?

What if I tell you there’s a simple and effective way to set up a PROFITABLE online business that will last for years to come?

…. And you can get started TODAY!

  • Without any technical skills
  • Without any prior Internet marketing knowledge
  • And without investing thousands of dollars

Now before you B.S detector goes off, just forget all that you think you know and hear me out for the next few minutes.

I promise to make it worth your while.

caseygentlesMy name is Casey Gentles and In this training I am going to teach you EXACTLY what you need to know about setting up an online business that will run pretty much on semi-autopilot.

Before I get into the training, I think it is fair that I give you a brief introduction about myself. This way you can know who I am and why you should pay attention to anything I have to say.

I have been marketing online since 2008. At time I was in my final year of university. To be honest, back then it was really hard. I was juggling school as well as trying to set up an online business.

To the effect that I gave more attention to Internet marketing than school which caused my grades to suffer really badly.

Anyhow, It all worked out for good. Since graduating from school, I have never had a regular 9-5 job. I work from my home office whenever I want.

To make a long story short, it started out as a rocky road because I had to learn all I know by myself. I had no one to teach me the ins and outs of what really worked. As a result I made countless mistakes and lost a ton of money in the process. But to be honest I am thankful because I am the kind of guy that learns from his mistakes.

Now fast forward several years later and I have generated thousands of dollars online and have helped a lot of people to do the same.

In this blog post, I want to lay a foundation upon which you can build so that you too can have a profitable business for years to come.

SO are you ready?

Let’s get started shall we?

Where Do You Start?

If you are new to Internet marketing, this may be a question that you are seeking an answer for. It is a very important question because if you don’t start with the right foundation, you may be setting up yourself for failure.

There are a LOT of ways to make money online. However, in this training we will focus on one of the easiest and very lucrative way to make money online.

This method is known as AFFILIATE MARKETING.

In a nutshell, this simply means that we will be promoting goods and services and will receive a commission whenever our customers or prospects take the desired action.

… And the desired action could be:

  • Someone buying a product or service
  • Someone filling out a form
  • Someone simply entering their email address
  • Someone entering their zip code
  • Or even someone just answering their phone and staying on for a certain about of time.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

In general, companies or products owners are always looking to expand their reach to get more customers and sales and thus increase their profits. As a result, they are willing to give up a percentage of their profits to acquire those new customers.

Depending on the type of products, that percentage can range from as little as 4% all they way up to 75% or more. Typically you’ll find that physical products will be on the lower end as there are more overheads costs but digital products can go all the way up to 75% or more.

I’ve seen cases where some products owners even offer 100% commissions on their front-end offers. But that is a bit more advanced and we’ll get to that in another training.

The question you may be asking now is: why would a product owner give away 75% of the sale to an affiliate (you and me) and only keep 25%. That doesn’t seem logic right?

Well here’s why:

REASON # 1. –  These higher commission products are digital products.

That means once they are created, the cost involved in making them accessible is negligible. Once a person buys, he or she will be able to download or access the product right away and there are no shipping costs involved.

REASON # 2. –  Higher profit potential

Let’s say a product owner is able to send 1000 visitors to his website per day and from that he makes 10 sales of a product for which he will earn $50. That means he will earn a total of $500.

On the other hand, let’s say he has 10 affiliates, which also generate 10 sales per day for him. Each affiliate will get 75% of $50 x 10 sales, which is $375. The product owner will get 25% of 50 x10 sales from each affiliate. That is $125 x 10 affiliates, which is $1,250.

Can you see why a product owner would want to give away a higher percentage to attract affiliates?

Now knowing all this, you may be wondering why not just become a product owner yourself and make more money?

Good question!

The problem is that it is not as simple as it sounds. Creating products requires a LOT of work, time, research and money. Not to mention customer service and the headache that comes along with it.

Starting out, you want to enter the path of least resistance.

Later on as you develop your marketing skills and gain more experience, as well as some money you can become a product owner and you could even outsource the entire process.

With affiliate marketing however, it is much easier to get started. You don’t have to worry about creating products or dealing directly with customers. You will basically be acting as a middleman in an equation.

So what is the best way to do affiliate marketing to ensure maximum profitability?

Let’s get into it.

When I first started out in affiliate marketing back in 2008, I was told to first find a product and then promote that product with the hope that I’ll make some sales. Sure I did make some sales but I later found out that there was a better and more profitable way to do affiliate marketing.

You see, instead of finding a product and then hope to find people and convince them to buy that product, it is much better to find a group of people who are already searching for a solution to a problem and then recommend the right product that solves that problem.

It makes the sale so much easier without you actually doing a lot of selling.

It’s like if someone is stranded in the desert for a few days without water and you show up selling water, they wouldn’t need any convincing to buy because they were already looking for what you’ve got.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing The RIGHT Way

7 Steps To A Profitable Online Business

Step #1 – Proper Foundation – Find A Lucrative Market

Before you start doing any kind of marketing or promotions, it is very important that you decide who you want to be your customers. The Internet has millions of people browsing at any given second and you have to decide whom you want your offer to reach.

If you try to reach everyone in the hope that you’ll make more money then you’ll FAIL.

You want to find a market that has a group of people with a burning desire or a common problem that need a solution.

Read that sentence again and let it sink in!

A perfect example of such a market is the weight loss market. There are tons of people who want to lose weight for various different reasons.

However, the weight loss market is a very broad market and so you need to narrow it down to a specific segment of that market. An example of this would be men over thirty who want to lose weight or mothers who want to lose weight after giving birth.

There are several techniques that I have designed to help you with this process of finding the right market and eventually the right niche that I have outline in a step-by-step process in my ‘Market Research Made Simple Guide’.

Once you find this group of people, you will become the ‘go to person’ for these people and they will become your fan base.

It’s important to note that I didn’t say find a product you want to promote and build a list around it.

That’s the HUGE mistake I made when I just started out. Pretty much all the courses that I read about affiliate marketing told me to go to clickbank and look for products with high gravity and the promote them.

DON”T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!

The difference with what I will teach you is that you will get to know the people in your market/niche – thus allowing them to like and trust you. Plus you will be able to provide them with the right solutions that will help them.

These solutions will be affiliate products and later on your own products. It really doesn’t matter as long as these are ETHICAL products that DO help your fan base to achieve certain results. That is, getting them one step closer to solving whatever problems they may have.

Step #2 – Niche Down To A Group Of People With A Common Problem

In step one above you would start out with a broad market. As I mention earlier, you will have to narrow down that broad market to a specific segment that you can focus on.

This segment is what you’ll build your ‘fan base’ around.

If you go broad you will be competing with the gazillion other marketers out there. You have to stand out from the crowd by doing something different.

It’s the same reason why a dermatologist can charge more for a visit than a general practitioner. They specialize in a specific segment of the medical field while the general practitioner targets everyone.

If we look at the weight loss example again, you’ll notice there are several segments that you could potentially target.

Let’s take a look:

General Market: Weight loss

Smaller Segment: Men who want to lose weight or Women who want to lose weight.

Smaller Segment 2: Men who want fast weight loss (30 days) or men who are looking for long term weight loss.

Smaller Segment 3: men who want to lose weight fast by dieting (no time to exercise due to busy schedule) or men who want to lose weight by dieting and exercising…

You get the idea right?

I came up with the above data because I have some knowledge of the weight loss market. However, if you are just starting out you have to follow a specific process to get all this information about your market.

You can get access to all of this training in my “Market Research Made Simple Guide”.

Remember, if you get this part wrong you will be setting up yourself for failure!

Step #3 – Providing A Solution To The Common Problem

This step requires a little bit of skill. Here you’ll create a valuable teaser product that answers or give a solution to the common problem that you have found.

Don’t let this step scare you. This product can be a simple 5-page ebook, a video, power point presentation, article or a blog post. For example, this blog post that you are reading now… Wink Wink ☺.

The IMPORTANT point to note is that it MUST help your prospect to either solve their problem or take them one step closer to their desired end result.

Yes you will be giving away this product/information for free BUT since this product will be your First point of contact with your target audience, you want to make a great first impression.

You want to knock them off their feet with the incredible amount of well researched and informative content. This means that if they follow the steps outlined in this product they should be at least one step closer to overcoming whatever problems they were having.

Step #4 – Giving Away Your Solution For Free

You may be wondering why would you want to give away all your hard work for free. But stop and think about this for a second. Remember, your main objective in all of this is to GENUINELY help your prospects get over whatever problems they may have.

By giving a ton of value up front BEFORE you ask for anything in return you are EARNING your prospects trust which is very important to the longevity of your business.

Keep in mind that people will only buy from persons they like and trust. Think about where you go for grocery shopping for example. I bet you have a favorite supermarket that you go to shop all they time. You practically know where to find everything without reading the labels on the isle. This is because overtime you get to know and like that supermarket and now you have a special bond.

…. And unless something serious happens, you don’t see yourself shopping anywhere else. Am I right? Awe well I think am close.

So How Do You Give Away Your Product For Free?

The most common way to do this is via what is known as a lead gen page or a squeeze page. This is normally a one page website that makes an offer and in order for your prospects to get that offer, they have to enter their details on a form on this one page website.

Usually all they have to enter are their name and email address or even just their email address alone and your product will be delivered to them automatically.

In order to make this happen, you are going to need a website and an Autoresponder service. For your one page website, you can use a service such as Lead Pages or Clickfunnels.

Both services utilize drag drop capabilities so you don’t have to worry about coding or any technical stuff. As long as you can use MS Word, you’ll be able to create your one page website with ease. Don’t worry about this right now. Later on you’ll see that it is a very simple process.

Autoresponders such as Getresponse and Aweber on the other hand are web-based services that store your prospects email addresses and sends out pre-written emails and selected time intervals. (Again don’t worry about this aspect right now; we’ll get into this later)

What Should You Put On Your Lead Capture Page?

Since you’ve already done your research and know what problems your niche is having, you would craft a headline on your squeeze page to match one of the problems of your targeted audience and tell them you have the solution.

Below is a sample squeeze page I use give away a free report to persons who were having problems getting started with their online business.

Sample Lead Page

As you can see, that page is a short form squeeze page that serves only one purpose. That is to make an offer to my prospects in return for their name and email address.

Step #5 – Building A Relationship With Your Prospects

Getting your prospects onto your list is a great start but unless you learn to build a good relationship with them its useless. If you treat them like crap then they’ll hit unsubscribe or the spam button faster than they got onto your list in the first place.

On the other hand, if you treat them well and provide them with value they will stay on your list, like and trust you and buy products that you sell and recommend for months and years to come.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

But how do you provide value and build a long-term relationship with your subscribers?

If the free report/product you gave is top notch/of high quality then that is a great start. The fact that you are providing superb content for free will mean a lot to your subscribers. It shows that you care about them and want to help solve their problems.

The second step to building a good and long-term relationship with your subscribers has to do with the Autoresponder messages you send them. I am pretty sure you want to be in business long term and you want it to be as automated as possible.
Thus it’s your Autoresponder that will do all the work of building that long-term relationship.

This means that you will preload messages in your Autoresponder sequence to be delivered to your fans at specific intervals.

These messages will also provide value in helping to solve specific problems while being entertaining and engaging. At the same time you will be promoting products and earning commissions but not in a way that is typical of those marketers that just keep spamming your inbox.

Just remember, you have to treat your subscribers the same way you would want to be treated. They are real people just like you with real emotions. So keep that in mind and you will have a successful fan base and thus a successful business.

If you want to learn how to get the most out of email marketing, I highly recommend you take a look at Andre Chaperon’s Autoresponder Madness. It is hands down the best training on email marketing that I have come across in all my years online. A lot of top markers also recommend by it. Check it out here!

Step #6 – Providing Solutions To Other Problems Your Subscribers Have

As mentioned above, you’ll provide solutions via your Autoresponder messages. On rare occasions, you may also send out a broadcast to your entire list if you have something really important to share.

Overall though, you want to be providing expert advice and solutions to problems your fans are having. What you need to understand is that for every market there will be a ton of problems that will prevent people from getting to their desired end result.

Let’s use the weight loss market again.

If we go back to the audience we chose of men who want to lose weight fast in 30 days, some of the problems that they may have could be:

  • Don’t know what kind of workouts to do
  • Don’t know what kind of foods to eat
  • Don’t know how to prepare certain types of food
  • Don’t know how much calories to consume daily
  • Don’t have the motivation to do the workouts
  • Don’t have access to a gym

These are problems that you would have found from doing proper market research. This you’ll learn how to do when you follow the instructions inside my Market Research Made Simple Guide.

Here’s the good part:

For each of the above problems, you can create or find an ethical product that will help your prospect get over said problem. Thus allowing you to make money in the process and still being cool and loved by your subscribers.

Step #7 – Making Money Over And Over To Grow Your Business

Once you have a system in place that is working, the next step is to scale. This is what the ‘gurus’ do to take their businesses to the elite level.

If you are making $100 per day, then all you have to do is replicate what is working to double your profits.

How do you do this?

Here are a few things you can do to:

  • You can tweak your squeeze page to double the conversion rates to increase the amount of leads going into you sales funnel
  • You can double the traffic going to your squeeze page
  • You can promote higher priced products
  • You can reinvest your profits to create your own products to maximize your revenue per sale
  • You can recruit affiliates to drive sales for you
  • You can do all of the above!
  • Repeat the process in a new market/niche

This is the same system that I am applying and it is working pretty well for me. The most important part of the system is finding that hungry niche that will buy from you over and over to suit their needs.

Once you have that niche and you set up your sales funnel, your business can pretty much run on autopilot once you have a mechanism to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

Again it’s very important that I stress the point about getting into the right market and eventually the right niche. If you get into a market that doesn’t spend money, you will more than likely FAIL.

So I have something really special for you.

Throughout this guide I have been mentioning a product that will help you to uncover profitable markets/niches in just few minutes.

It’s called the Market Research Made Simple.

It is designed to take an Absolute newbie from not knowing where to start to literally having a variety of niche ideas within minutes that can be hugely profitable.

If you think that you are ready to start a successful online business then you can grab a copy of Market Research Made Simple using the link below.

Click Here To Order A Copy On My Market Research Made Simple Guide!

If you enjoy this free guide, you are going to LOVE “Market Research Made Simple.”

Before I go, I want to leave one of my favorite quotes with you:

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the success in your online business.